Frontline of Web3 | L2FINANCE GLOBAL COMMUNITY MEETUP successfully held!

On April 27, the L2FINANCE GLOBAL COMMUNITY MEETUP NEW YORK Station initiated by L2FINANCE was successfully held. This offline MEETUP conference is one of the L2FINANCE global tour series conferences. Many Crypto KOLs, Web3 innovators, L2FINANCE ecological preachers, and opinion leaders gathered at the Meetup to discuss the new future of L2FINANCE & Web3, presenting a luxurious event for everyone A consensus event from the development trend of Web3 to the landing of ecological scenarios!

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In order to explore more possibilities in the market and promote the development of ecological consensus, L2FINANCE, as a new force of Web3, published and shared on this Meetup, communicated face-to-face with many Web3 innovators, talked about innovation and answered questions. During the theme sharing period, L2FINANCE’s highly innovative on-chain derivatives model and a number of innovative achievements attracted the attention of everyone present.

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The theme of this summit is the leader of the Web3 era, and the changes and challenges of the financial industry in the digital age of the Web3 era are also the focus of practitioners. In this Meetup, Richard, a core member of L2F INANCE4, brought a theme sharing to the public. He mentioned that L2FINANCE is a one-stop financial derivatives market service platform based on Layer 2 technology, focusing on the market-making of derivatives liquidity on the chain business services. L2FINANCE is always solving the liquidity problems faced by the target marijuana market, promoting the active development of more derivative product agreements on the link, and achieving profitability together with the help of L2FINANCE. At the same time, based on the status of innovative derivative products, by participating in the derivatives market on the chain, the capital utilization rate of the market will be further improved, and more and more long-tail investors will participate in the development dividend of the derivatives market on the chain .

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In the follow-up sharing, L2FINANCE global promotion ambassador Sam added that the emergence of L2FINANCE will trigger major changes in the blockchain market, bring investors more diversified platform investment income, and also provide a boost to the derivatives market. The future offers even more possibilities. At present, the advantages of the L2FINANCE platform include three points: AI automation strategy, using AIGC technology combined with the global risk factor model, so that the agreement can obtain more accurate risk assessment and realize AI automatic optimization strategy; global liquidity model, low transaction fee and no slippage , can be integrated in depth; flexible trading methods, adopting cross-margin mode + multi-asset mortgage, and multiple derivative investment directions such as synthetic assets, options, forecast markets, perpetual contracts, etc., provide more flexible trading methods and increase yields.

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He also mentioned that L2FINANCE has laid out the ecological development plan for 2023 in advance. In the Q2 quarter, it released the L2FINANCE trading platform and launched Arbitrum; launched the L2FINANCE native token L2F and listed it on the DEX exchange; The community actively participates in platform construction; the AIGC-based arbitrage vault is launched to provide investors with more stable investment income. In Q3, the lightning network-based cross-chain arbitrage function was launched; the derivatives aggregation transaction function was launched, and it was connected with the existing DeFi protocol; the multi-chain options ecosystem was launched, with more options trading options; an open API was launched /SDK service docking function to provide services for more partners. In the Q4 quarter, more Layer 2 public chain support will be added, such as Optimistic, zkSync, Polygon, zkTube, etc.; a decentralized OTC transaction function will be launched, and it will be connected with the live wallet; an identity authentication system will be launched to ensure investor privacy and security; The online P2P lending platform provides Layer 2 users with diversified lending options.

In the next sharing session, James, a core member of the L2FINANCE North American community, shared the development history and performance data of L2FINANCE and covered the application of blockchain technology and its use in different business sectors and the experience of the brand in the blockchain and financial technology industries. In-depth discussion of the impact on the community. The succinct and straightforward narration allowed participants to clearly understand the glory of the L2FINANCE brand along the way. In fact, the development history of the l2FINANCE brand around the world is supported by data. Every major data disclosed means the hard work of the brand in the process of rapidly expanding the operation team. With the overall presentation of major data, the efforts of the multi-regional operation teams have finally yielded positive results. Now L2FINANCE’s industry popularity and global influence are steadily increasing around the world, and it is marching toward the top of the industry.

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Through this Meetup exchange meeting, the majority of Web3 evangelists also have a deep understanding of L2FINANCE’s new solution for the derivatives market on the chain. We believe that with the efforts of the application ecology represented by L2FINANCE, empowering user needs and creating more value for investors will be the industry trend in the future.

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Looking back at the development history of the L2FINANCE platform, it is a true portrayal of the brand’s respect for users and win-win cooperation with users. L2FINANCE has long recognized that technological innovation can bring customers a smoother and more convenient wealth transaction management experience, so the company vigorously promotes technological innovation and regards technology as a key pillar in its business strategy. Looking forward to the future, L2FINANCE will also be committed to further accelerating the construction of various business segments. By building a comprehensive ecological environment for on-chain derivatives services, more investors can participate in the industry development dividend through L2FINANCE.

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