2023 heavy news: GACCOIN’s first Web3.0 global ecological ecological platform has won many well -known investment institutions to participate in the investment

Recently, GACCOIN, the world’s first web3.0 aggregation of the entire industrial ecological platform, announced that it has been blessed by many well -known institutions and participated in the investment. Bluezilla, a well -known American entrepreneurial incubator, invested. True Ventures, Dapper Labs, ChainLink, GreyLock Partners, Magiced, Capital, Worklife Ventures, Collab+Currency, Hannah Grey, Exponent Capital and Eberg Capita L participation from capital institutions.


What is Gaccoin?

Gaccoin is led by the well -known American entrepreneurial incubator Bluezilla. The Stellar Development Foundation and Blockchain Research Institute are jointly launched to focus on the web3.0 ecological construction. A high -quality Alternative Investment is formed.

GACCOIN is committed to creating first -class professional consulting, community investment, technology finance and other businesses. In the form of decentralized distributed, we will share with well -known investment institutions to share and convey the industry hot information to help community members establish the correct awareness of financial and business. The financial investment and wealth management methods, while actively embracing the Web3.0 ecological construction and the frontier investment highland of the current finance, creating a first -stop investment, financial financial management, information consulting, and resource exchange Web3.0 aggregation platform.

GACCOIN Investment Agency -Bluezilla, a entrepreneurial incubator

Bluezilla is a well -known American incubator. It focuses on the use of professional knowledge in the market -leading consulting, investment, development, influencing marketing and legal support services, and the entrepreneur’s innovative concept from the concept to release.

Bluezilla is the only VC with internal developers, designers, marketers, influencers, traders, laws and startup platforms. Bluezilla not only brings funds and partners to entrepreneurs, but also helps all aspects of the project.

GACCOIN initiative -Stellar Development Foundation (SDF)

Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non -profit organization in the United States. It was established in 2014 to support the development and growth of open source Stellar networks. SDF and Stellar sought to release the world economic potential by making currencies more liquid, market open, and more empowerment. The foundation helps maintain Stellar’s code library, supports technology and commercial communities around Stellar, and is a spokesman for regulatory agencies and institutions. The Stellar network is an open source decentralized system, and SDF will not charge the individual or institution using the network.

SDF has a strong blockchain organization background. It has now joined the American Blockchain Association and has a well -known and respected American technology industry leader gathered in Stellar’s consulting committee.


SDF authenticity query

SDF’s main ecology

● XLM-Stellar

XLM-Stellar is the main payment system for SDF R & D and operation. It is a decentralized gateway transmitted between digital currencies and legal currencies. Like RIPPLE payment network functions, it can transfer any currency through its transfer, including US dollars, euro, RMB, yen or Bitcoin.

● Soroban

SOROBAN is an intelligent contract platform for developers who develop a friendly contract for developers and is designed for scale and sensitivity. It is currently running on the test network called Futurenet. Soroban is seamlessly integrated with the existing Stellar blockchain.

● GAC and GACC

GAC is a platform for SDF and other agencies based on the web3 ecological aggregation platform GACCOIN. The web3 of various ecological circulation payments for GACCOIN; GACC is GACCOIN’s market circulation and use. GAC, GACC and existing Soroban intelligent systems and Stellar blockchain are integrated together and worked together to empower the web3 economy.

Xlm-Stellar goes online for hundreds of exchanges

Gaccoin initiative -Blockchain Research Institute

Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is the world’s largest blockchain and related technologies independent think tanks. Since the Publication of the Blockchain Revolution co -authored by Don and Alex Tapscott in 2016, the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) has been studying the blockchain phenomenon, and has carried out more than 100 research projects to investigate the blockchain -related blockchain -related projects related to the blockchain related Opportunities and challenges have brought challenges to industry, governments and organizations. At present, the institute is one of the most well -known organizations that manage blockchain education and ideological leadership for government and enterprise members.

There are many ways to cooperate with the member company of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), including the research and use cases of the blockchain of the overvoling distance, establishing executives awareness, enterprise education, customized research projects and market influence. Things progress rapidly and has a unique advantage, which can help you solve the urgent needs of insight, education and analysis. In BRI, it is committed to motivating the leaders of private and public sector to become the catalyst of the blockchain revolution.

Gaccoin strategic partner

C:\Users\windows\Desktop\组 18.png组 18 With its experienced technical team and good prospects with good prospects, GACCOIN has cast a solid foundation for GACCOIN’s diversity service, and establishes prerequisites for GACCOIN’s momentum. At the same time, the capital investment of many venture capital institutions and the strategic support of strategic partners have injected funds and resources into the accumulation of funds and resources into subsequent GACCoin development, ecological construction, and market activities.

At present, in order to show and enrich the economic connotation of Web3.0, GACCOIN has designed a complete Play to Earn industry profit system, including NFTS, GameFi, SWAP, multi -chain wallets, Yuan universe, AI Smart, G Chain and other series of. Industrial application ecological layout, exploration, construction, and development of the business world of Web 3.0. It will be officially launched in June 2023 and launched the GACCOIN platform, token and NFT mechanisms to bring Web3 ecological dividends to community users.

There are many ways to see the future. Gaccoin chose to create a paradigm of web3.0 in person.

 In addition, Gaccoin has set up 16 localized service centers in 13 countries around the world, and will gradually cover more than 100 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, South America, and Asia -Pacific regions.

In the future, GACCOIN will create a web3.0 advanced ecosystem, integrate high -liquid digital encryption assets, NFTS, Gamefi, SWAP, multi -chain wallets, Yuan universe, AI intelligence, G Chain and other diversified ecological services to empower the dividends of the times All members return the value of Web 3.0 to every creator.

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